Wednesday, 12 May 2010

February 2010

Our evening “read a loud” book has been Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, as a result of this most of the games in the house revolve around pirates and ships. Cameron’s Lego creations all seem to have a nautical theme and Paul and Cameron watched Empire of the Sea (a BBC history of the British Navy). To round it off Paul, Cameron and I watched Master and Commander starring Russell Crow.

We’re finishing off our Rabbie Burns study and the children are planning their own study next. Cameron wants to do cats, Fraser is interested in Warner Bros (particularly Looney Tunes) and Kirsty plans to do horses.

The last couple of days Fraser has been really engrossed in building his meccano and “Build a Stunt Buggy”, which is great as he’s never really settled to do something by himself before, unless it involved computers or video games which are limited through the week.

The home-ed groups have been quite busy since the start of the year. We’ve met quite a few new families, all really nice, we’re so blessed. One family have just moved from Holland to a village very near us, their 3 boys have similar interests to our boys which is great.

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