Saturday, 19 March 2011

Wii, weaving and weather

On Sunday we had the joint Cubs, Brownies and Rainbows church parade which involved all of us, except Paul and Cameron. It was a good turn out which is encouraging.

After a bit of home-edding on Monday morning we went shopping for bits and pieces to make a dog costume for Fraser, who's playing Dug from “Up” in his theatre club show. This was his last day of rehearsing before the show next Monday. Maisie borrowed “Dance Junior” for the Wii and in the evening she made a “show” that we all ended up joining in.

Fraser as Dug

The girls, friends and I went to Coldharbour woollen mill on Tuesday while Paul on his only day off took the boys golfing. The girls had a go at carding, spinning and weaving. We all had a tour of the mill, it made me feel nostalgic seeing the bobbins and Hattersley loom then hearing the clickety clack of loom weaving. Funny how I really didn’t like filling the "eachahan" bobbins (not sure of spelling) when I was a child but now look back on it fondly, glad I had the chance to experience it. It was a beautiful day so we ate our lunch outside by the river. After arriving back home it was a quick turn around for Rainbows and Brownies who were making pipe cleaner tiaras and hama beads Royal Wedding souvenirs. I was rather tired at the end of the day.

Maisie carding

Kirsty spinning
Maisie spinning
Maisie weaving
Maisie weaving
Kirsty weaving
Kirsty weaving

Wednesday morning the children had computer club at the library, I had a look at some books, drank coffee and chatted with another home-ed Mum/friend. After computer club we went home did a bit of tidying in the back garden and stopped to watched a couple of ladybirds go about their day (hope they stay for the summer and eat any aphids we get). We took out the garden tables and chairs and had lunch outside in the lovely sunshine hmmm……………….. Later on we studied a bit more about the Normans then the children did their own thing while I prepared dinner. Fraser had Cubs after dinner and since it was a lovely evening we walked him there, coming back via the beach.

Another lovely day on Thursday, late morning we took a donder down to the beach, met up with some friends, played, did a bit of dog spotting then back to our house for more playing, chatting, drinking tea/coffee and eating cake. Mid way through our tea/coffee and chatting we were entertained by the girls singing some Christmas Carols…………….different but very nice.

singing Christmas Carols
Yesterday was wet and rainy so a day indoors catching up, chilling out and Kirsty made “cookies and cream chocolate brownies” in the afternoon.

making chocolate brownies
Today we decided not to go to film club and have a lazy morning at home.  It's a glorious day so who knows what the rest of the day holds.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

sleepovers, searching, sewing and shopping

Ooh another update within the month............ (note to self, don’t get too excited it may only be a one off)

On the 1st Cameron and Fraser were over at their friends as I was at Rainbows and Brownies with the girls and Paul was working. It was decided that the boys would sleepover at their friends and I’d have the girls. This was the first time Cameron and Fraser had been for a sleepover (having never really wanted to go before then). I think I was more nervous than them and it seemed strange not having them in the house, but all had a good time. The next morning was Computer club and then we went swimming. The following day we were supposed to go to an anniversary picnic but we were all wiped out.

Last Saturday the children had film club in the morning, and then the girls went to a birthday party at Bygones, which they really enjoyed. Kirsty kept asking lots of questions. In the evening we all went to friends for a Chinese takeaway.

On Sunday our church sermon was about what it means to be a follower of Christ. When we go home I created a Bible treasure hunt for the children. They loved it and now want to have one every Sunday.

Monday we met up with our local home-ed group at Goodrington beach but we didn’t stay long as it was a bit too cold.

Tuesday was a quiet day at home until it was time for Rainbows and Brownies.

Paul’s only day off this week was Wednesday so the children had computer club in the morning, and the rest of the day was spent at home as family time together. Fraser had Cubs in the evening.

Thursday we were supposed to get together with other home-ed families to plan for our Norman feast at the end of the month. I just didn’t feel too good so we stayed home. We read about the Normans from “Our Island Story”. The kids love this book and studied old maps to see where all the battles and invasions took place. I made a start on Kirsty’s Norman dress.  Paul started helping the boys to make shields out of dustbin lids the day before.

Yesterday we went to visit friends in Tavistock, we’d never been to Tavistock before so another Devon town to tick of our “to visit list” ( we don’t literally have a “Devon towns to visit list”). Tavistock is a lovely town on the edge of Dartmoor. We had a lovely day with our friends playing with the DS’s, toys, drinking tea, chatting and had a trip to the local park.

Today while Cameron, Fraser and Kirsty were at film club this morning, while Maisie and I went looking round the charity shops for material for her Norman dress. We also found a pair of red/pink curtains that she wanted made into a dress. After lunch the children’s friends came round to play.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ruby Wedding Anniversary

On the 5th of March my Mum and Dad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. The children made cards and wrote a poem for them and Kirsty made a pillow with an embroidered anniversary message on it.

round up of Feb 2011

I would love to blog weekly, I’m not even going to think about daily, but at the moment I struggle with monthly……………………….sigh.

Our biggest home-ed trip this month was to the Eden Project. We spent most of our time in Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes, much warmer than outside. When we were in the Mediterranean biome the children at various points said it reminded them of Cyprus. We all enjoyed the day. The only niggle was the poor labelling and information.
I went for a meal with the Mums from the Christian group, lovely meal and lovely company.
During half term it was Girlguiding Thinking Day and to celebrate we had a day out at Living Coasts for the Rainbows, Brownies and Guides in the Paignton district. The girls got to make toys for the penguins and seals and watch them being fed.
My friend Victoria and I attended a sewing workshop afternoon while Paul looked after the children. Having received a sewing machine for Christmas I thought it would probably be a good idea to get it out of the box and use it. The workshop had a maximum of 6 people of various abilities, though we were definitely the least experienced there on the day. They were a lovely group of ladies, full of ideas and enthusiasm. That one afternoon gave us both the confidence and desire to use our sewing machines and we’re looking forward to going back again soon.
Cameron had a check-up with the orthodontist and had stronger wires fitted to his brace. They were really impressed with the improvement of his teeth and said he should come and show other patients the correct way to wear their braces.
As well as this we had friends over and went visiting friends too.

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