Monday, 26 April 2010

Jan 2010

Yipee posting a blog in the correct year, just need to get the correct month and I’m on a roll.

January 2010

This year I decided to make Cameron a lego cake for his 12th birthday, it wasn’t as square as I would have liked it but it was a hit with Cameron and the rest of the family except Fraser who doesn’t like cake in any shape or form.
In the middle of the month all the children came down with an unusual virus they had really high temperatures and felt generally unwell, I think the boys are turning into men quicker than I thought as I’m sure it was “man-flu” they had ;0).
The Gymnastics club had an open day and display Fraser, Kirsty and Maisie were performing but Fraser had to miss it due to his virus.
We had a couple of home-ed outings this month one to the house of marbles in Bovey Tracey and the other to the National Aquarium in Plymouth both were enjoyable days.
The House of Marbles is a historic glass and games factory and is free entry, they had lots of things to see and sell and lots of things that could break.
My favourite fish at the aquarium was the long horned cowfish, they looked like something from a cartoon. In one of the tanks there was an octopus, when Maisie went to look it moved onto the glass, she thought it wanted a hug so gave it a hug separated by glass. A couple of days later Maisie and Kirsty made an under the sea picture.
This month we started learning about Rabbie (Robert) Burns and the children have learnt some of his poetry.

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