Wednesday, 12 May 2010

March 2010

Fraser was enrolled in Cubs this month and we all managed to go along a see it, he really enjoys cubs. We went up to see Paul’s parents in Crieff for a week, fortunately we had great weather and managed to get outdoors every day.
With plenty of lying snow around a sledging trip to Gleneagles was a must. Unfortunately the top layer was an ice sheet and Fraser, yep you guessed it, came off the sledge and scraped his stomach as his jumper rode up.
Next was a day trip to the Beatrix Potter Centre in Dunkeld, where she used to holiday as a small child.

Back home and Cameron’s Lego Imperial Flagship arrived. He’d saved up his birthday, Christmas and pocket money to buy it. He started building it one evening and woke before 6am the next morning to finish it, I can’t remember the last time Cameron woke up that early of his own accord.
I’m thinking of putting a Lego creations page on this blog (if I can) so the children can post pictures of their lasted inventions.
We started planting some of our seeds, we planted a sunflower seed each and wait to see whose will grow the tallest.

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Caroline said...

Great to hear what you've all been up to and see the photos.

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