Monday, 31 May 2010

A "bitty" week

Last week was "bitty" with Paul's dayshifts on Sat, Mon and Wed bringing a disjointed feel to the week. However we still managed to get a lot done with bike rides, post office playing, gardening, golf, glass painting, shrinkles, hama beads, computer club and reading.
Paul's car was out of action so he had the family car for work and on Wednesday we took the bus to get to our home-ed meeting. An army of Ants invaded the house, we tried everything from ant bait to vinegar and finally the last resort PRAYER . . . it worked. We still see the odd ant every other day but that's it, they've moved outside. I have to ask myself why was prayer the last resort, we sometimes make things difficult for ourselves by not turning to God in prayer first and He's not just there for the big things He cares about every detail of our great is our God!
This was also our "screen free week of the month" but I have to confess I was probably on the PC more than I should have been. With no TV the children decided to make a post office in the spare room and sent letters to each other. Cameron being the organiser/postmaster sold them stamps i.e. charged them for taking their letters to the various bedrooms.
Fraser took to using our old digital camera, mostly taking pic's of the family but also many strange things around the house. It takes some short video clips so he set it up to video him doing a high energy 30 second trampoline session complete with flips and Mario jumps.

Here is a small selection of Fraser's photos and video clips.

Luigi from Super Mario

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Mirjam said...

You make me smile, Fraser :)

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