Friday, 11 June 2010

What have we been up to lately

Cameron got his new brace, he says this one is harder to get used to than the last one.
Kirsty had breathing difficulties which the doctor confirmed as asthma. Over the last couple of years she's developed allergies to cats and dogs, but fortunately
for her not horses.

We took Rainbows and Brownies to play crazy golf down on the beach boulivard. Luckily the weather was fine and we only had couple of minor injuries. Next week
weather permitting we're taking them rock pooling.

I also kept an ipsos mori's drinks survey diary for the week. During the survey I realised I drink too much coffee and not enough water.

When Paul had a day off we went for a walk in the Grove, Churston. The children are really beginning to enjoy going for walks in the country side.

We had a home-ed outing to Plymbridge to watch the peregrine falcons. I didn't know that they were the fastest animal on the planet (up to 200mph).

On the home ed front we read some of "The story of painting", painted a "storm at sea" (will post pictures later) and put a timeline on the wall in the upstairs hall. The children have also made their "own life timeline" and have enjoyed looking at their baby pictures and hearing the stories. We had started Maisie with "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" but I've kinda stopped it. She didn't dislike it but prefers flashcards. Paul was using the flashcards with her one day and she asked to keep the ones she got correct to make up a story and so started a new game. After one of the stories Maisie's question of the week was "Is jam good for you when you are dead"?

On the gardening front we have lots aphids and the ants are having a ball. I've ordered ladybird larvae to eat the aphids, but the question is when all the aphids have gone will the ants come back inside, I think I'll leave some aphids on the sunflowers. Cameron decided to make a "nutrient rich leaf soup" for the plants, however it stank and clogged up the watering cans so we gave up after a few days. Fraser's sunflower has flowered and I now have 2 red tomatoes and many green ones waiting to turn red. The tomato plant won't win any beauty awards (didn't realise that you're supposed to pinch out the middle shoots) but if they taste nice I'm not complaining.

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