Monday, 25 August 2008

June 2008

At the beginning of the month we stayed at Theos Villas for a couple of nights, in the far west of the Island. We always enjoy ourselves there, out in the middle of nowhere just swimming, reading, playing games & sleeping,

Towards the end of the month we decided to look after the crèche hamsters, Bubble and Squeak for a weekend. The children loved having them, but Kirsty and Maisie didn’t like holding them, finding their feet too sharp. They were quite cute but managed to chew through our telephone wire.

One of the days while Paul was at work and the children were helping me with the dinner Maisie was very keen to join in so I asked her to wash the broccoli. I turned round to find her squirting liquid hand soap on the broccoli and making it nice and bubbly.

I finished the last module of my leadership qualification in Guiding and became a fully qualified Guide Leader.

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