Monday, 25 August 2008

July 2008

On Wed 2nd Cameron went for his first scuba diving lesson at Cydive in Paphos. Initially they were taken to the classroom and told all the safety regulations and how to use the equipment. They all looked a bit nervous after this. Then it was wet suit on and straight into the sea (shallow water) with their equipment to practise equalising their air space, using their regulator, hand signals, inflating and deflating their jackets, sharing someone’s tank in case yours failed, retrieving your regulator if it came out your mouth. The equipment looked really heavy not only do the have to carry the compressed air tank, they have weight belts too. Once they were confident enough with the gear it was out to the open sea, they dived to 5 metres for 20 minutes.
Cameron said “walking on the bottom was really rocky, with lots of seaweed I saw a mixture of different coloured fish, and they were all about the same size. It was scary and fun.”
We said goodbye again as more friends moved away from Cyprus.

Lastly we gave the children an old broken DVD player which they had days of fun taking apart.

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