Monday, 25 August 2008

Back in Cyprus, Aug 2008

We flew back on Sat 9th (6 hours delayed this time), it was Maisie’s 3rd birthday on Mon 11th we had a small birthday tea for ourselves and got the Nintendo Wii for Paul’s belated birthday, he wanted a drum kit but that’s on hold until we move to the UK.
It’s all go for the move now, we had our pre march out last week, just minutes before the man arrived Fraser thought it would be interesting to find out what Maisie would look like with hair full of liquid had soap. Our car gets shipped in just under 2 weeks, the removals come in 2 weeks and we leave in just over 4 weeks.
We’ve managed to get to the beach a couple of days and also to the waterpark.
We won’t miss the summer heat but we will miss all the wonderful friends we’ve made. Also I love the Cypriots attitude to family and children, having 4 children is regarded as a blessing, makes a change from hearing "4 children, you must be crazy."
I think the children are a bit unsettled at the moment with everything getting packed up round about them.
We’re planning to go to Theos Villas again once the removals have been. We had hoped to go to Israel, but it’s going to be too rushed, so hopefully we’ll go next year. It’s not really anymore expensive from the UK.
We’ve been looking into the Charlotte Mason home educating method and feel drawn to her philosophy. However the home educating during the next month will be a bit paired down, once the bulk of our stuff is shipped back to the UK.

I was sent this homeschool video from a homeschool forum I'm a member of, it made me giggle.

“Oh, the misconceptions and realities of homeschool life," from comedian (and homeschool dad) Tim Hawkins.

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