Monday, 27 June 2011

Tale of our new table

A few months ago we had some lovely friends from church come over for lunch. There was 4 of them and 6 of us and we managed as we always did round our smallish table and as usual we sighed how we’d really like a bigger table. Much to our surprise our guests said they had a big table that was a bit too big for their dining room and did we want to swap. Of course we would but did they really mean it. Anyway after that day Paul and I said we wouldn’t mention it to them in case they’d offered without really thinking about it. Next couple of times in church our friends reminded us of the swap so a date was arranged. Paul brought home this lovely 6 seater table with matching padded chairs and we gave them a scruffy table with not matching and not padded chairs. I felt delighted and awful at the same time, did they realise how scruffy our table was. Even other friends commented “Wow they swapped this table for yours”. I relayed this information to them and their reply was they wanted to bless our family with this table and they have. More space for our family meals, home-educating, entertaining, etc. I thank God for the Ballinger’s and our table.

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