Monday, 27 June 2011

Centre Parcs

For Christmas 2010 Paul’s parents booked a holiday for all of us to go to Sherwood Forest Centre Parcs in May 2011. We arrived slightly later than Harry and Mary to find them already in the hot tub so it was a quick rummage to find the swimming stuff and into the hot tub. After dinner we went down and collected our fleet of bikes (we had brought Paul and Maisie’s with us as they have a trail-gator attached).
On our first night there Fraser and I were woken at 4am by a very noisy duck sitting on the roof of our villa. No amount of shooing (not shooting) and trying to entice it down with bread crumbs would move it.

We crammed in a lot of activities (and that was me cutting back) from archery to falconry and paddle-boarding to name a few. Harry and Mary were great and fitted in with what the children were doing.

It was a great holiday and we all really enjoyed it, it just went by too quickly.

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