Wednesday, 16 January 2008

First week back homeschooling originally posted September 11 2006

Fraser and Kirsty officially started homeschool last week (see first day of homeschool photos). We've started them with Jolly Phonics, Kirsty loves it and wants to do extra, Fraser's happy but needs lots of breaks. Kirsty loves writing and colouring while Fraser is passionate about cutting and gluing.

Cameron is also very enthusiastic about his schooling. This year we're doing a different subject each day in addition to the daily Maths, English and Bible study.

Mondays: History
Tuesdays: Science
Wednesday: Music and Art (assisted by our friend Rowena who is a music teacher)
Thursday: Geography
Friday: Cyprus day where we'll take trips learning more about the island, it's people and (hopefully) the language.

Every morning (except when he's on day-shift) Paul takes the children (minus Maisie) for half an hour of exercise. I enjoy this time too, it's lovely and quiet after the hustle and bustle of breakfast, and allows me to take stock and prepare for the day ahead. I also get to spend time with Maisie on her own before her morning nap.

Last Friday we went to the old port area of Limassol, where we found a weather observing compound. We also saw lots of Cyprus cats and had our picnic by the sea then finished with an ice cream at a café.

The children's clubs and groups start up this week, they all go to swimming lessons on a Saturday morning, Cameron has youth club on Wednesday afternoon and he's thinking of trying hockey on Tuesday evening and perhaps golf Monday afternoon. He occasionally volunteers at the cat sanctuary, he's mad about cats.

Kirsty attends Ballet lessons on a Thursday afternoon, which she loves, in a couple of months she'll start Rainbows. Fraser doesn't do anything yet (groups wise) but when he turns five he fancies football and maybe St Johns Ambulance.

When Paul's not working I take Maisie to Parent and Baby group, or Musical Tots. I also go to a Wednesday morning ladies bible study. This week we're starting a Beth Moore course called "Believing in God", which I'm really looking forward to, however I can't attend every session.

Paul is such a blessing, he's so supportive and is brilliant with the children. He's returned to regular squash and badminton and has also volunteered as a youth worker at the base youth clubs (initial training course tomorrow afternoon).

Heather xx.

Here are some photos of the children and photos of Cameron, with his friend Jake, at the Cat Sanctuary this afternoon.

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