Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The rest of 2006 including Mum & Dad's visit and my Baptism

October 2006
Mum and Dad came to stay for a fortnight, so we did all the touristy things. Also Mum and I were baptised in the Mediterranean Sea on October 8th. It was a lovely day, starting at ICF Church in Limassol, then going down to the beach with loads of friends from the base and church.

The following week took us to a villa in the North (the Occupied Area or the Turkish Republic of Cyprus depending on your point of view), placed west of Kyrenia, allowing visits to Kyrenia Castle, the harbour, Bellapais Abbey and Mount Saint Hilarion Castle. On another day out we drove right up to the Pan Handle (far eastern peninsula of Cyprus) seeing wild donkeys on the road. The last day was a visit St Barnabas Cathedral (archaeological dig ongoing) and the ancient ruins of Salamis where Paul (from the Bible) landed on his first journey (Acts 13).
The North gets more rain than the south so it's greener and has more dramatic scenery and is well worth a visit . . . however prepare for the higher number of mosquitoes (Paul had approx.50 new bites).

Towards the end of Mum and Dad’s holiday we went back home to the south side of the island and had a day trip to Pafos visiting the harbour, St Pauls Church and the Tomb of Kings. No holiday in Limassol is complete without a meal at Little Plates (Ta Piatakia). The children loved having their grandparents visiting and cherished the time together.

November 2006
Kirsty had her first horse ride and loved it, she's wary of cats and dogs but loves horses that are more than double her size. I haven't worked that one out yet.
Fraser and Kirsty turned 5.

December 2006
I can't really remember much about December. I know we had our friends Griff, Rowena, Cerys, Iona and Rowena's parents over for Christmas dinner . . . I have to confess though, Griff cooked most of the dinner.

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