Monday, 25 July 2011

Elberry Cove

Wow a blog post on the day it happened. 

Today we met up with a few of the families from the local home-ed group and went to Elberry Cove. It was a beautiful day and even though the schools are now on holiday the beach wasn’t too busy. The Children amused themselves for hours by the ruins of the old bath-house throwing stones, exploring, paddling, rock climbing, playing with seaweed and watching the Beadlet Anemones open up as the tide came in and covered them with water.

It was such a relaxing day but we were tired out by the time we came home and Maisie fell asleep on the sofa.
This evening while watering my raspberries the sky looked like this

sounded like this (swifts flying about)
and smelled of this (nextdoor's Jasmine growing over our hedge)…………….beautiful.


Victoria said...

Lovely photos my friend! Wish I had been up to joining you all. We have quite a lot of swifts nesting in trees by our house, I love watching them dart about in the evening. xx

Mirjam said...

Great place! We want to go back there! :)

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