Wednesday, 29 December 2010

December 2010

Some of the home-ed outings this month. First a meeting at Bygones (Torquay) where the children dressed up and celebrated a Victorian Christmas. Then a “bring and share lunch and craft day” at a friends house where Fraser tried sewing, he wasn’t too bad. Our last home-ed trip of the year was to Killerton House.

So far this autumn/winter we’ve all had our fair share of colds and bugs which is not the norm for us but I know there are others out there suffering worse than us so we really don’t have anything to complain about.

In Paignton we avoided the bulk of the wintry weather, particularly during Devon’s heavy snow event of Sunday 19th into Monday 20th (Paul pointed out "with a brisk South Easterly wind persisting as the weather front crossed Paignton the relatively warm sea (compared to land) temperatures, ensured rain as supposed to the 10-15cm of snow that the rest of Devon experienced"). So far this winter practically all of the UK has ground to a halt with snow and ice which prevented our friends from coming to stay on the run up to Christmas.

Christmas was a quiet but pleasant family affair for us and Paul managed to have the day off again this year.

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