Friday, 5 November 2010

September 2010

We all went to the Scott May stunt show on the 2nd of September. It reminded me of the things Stuart, my brother, used to get up to on his chopper bike, beach buggy and motocross bike. High clouds brought a lovely sunset during the show, so in between bikes flying through the air I took photos of the sky.

Maisie started at Rainbows and later the same week went to her first Rainbows outing to the Zoo.

We harvested most of the sweetcorn and made corn soup (Fraser’s favourite).

The children attended the opening of the new library in Paignton and had their photo taken as the Mayor cut the ribbon.

Paul’s Mum and Dad came to stay for a few days we went walking, golfing and a visit to Buckfast Abbey (Paul’s Dad used to keep bees that came from Brother Adam).

Towards the end of the month the children and I had a home education day out at OrganicARTs West Town Farm, walking through a field of cows, looking at British native trees, digging up clay, making clay cows (from clay that had already been cleaned) and finding (well Adam found it) a wasp spider.

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